Stagione 6

Ep.1 – Svanire in un soffio, la storia del dirigibile fantasma
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San Francisco Chronicle, History Net, Jalopnik, Sf Gate.
Musiche: OST, August Wilhelmsson – Isotopes, Isotopes 1, Silver Maple – Particle Emission, Jay Varton – Cellar, David Celeste – Searching for the Island, Silver Maple – Explaining Gravity, Lalo Brickman – Signals.

Ep.2 – Verdi come le foglie, la gelosia e la morte
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Wikipedia, Historic UK, Mental floss, History of yesterday, Medium, History 101, Historical blindness, verde Scheele, The Paris review, Racked.
Musiche: OST, Farrell Wooten – Poison Tea, Lady in Black, Midnight Garden, The Collector, Mystery Minutes, Anthony Earls – Wordlessness, Jon Bjork – Slow Poison, Anthony Earls – Places & Methods

Ep.3 – Una luce sulle onde, per guidarti a casa
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Wikipedia, Wikipedia 2, Wikipedia 3, Scotsman, NLB, Ozy, Historic UK, Strange outdoors, Hushed up history.
Musiche: OST, Jon Björk – A bard’s minuet, The Elfin Knight, Heath Cantu – Swirls, Damon Greene – Never the Same, Etienne Roussel – Sailing Through, Heath Cantu – Calm the Sea, Etienne Roussel – Dark Times, Miles Avida – Even if I Go


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